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From the pyramids of Egypt, the twin sabers of Iraq, to the DMZ in South Korea; the search for adventure has always been the goal in life.  Levi and Brian met at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri; home of the Military Police Corps Regiment. For more than 15 years they honed and crafted various disciplines of the off-road lifestyle. As the years went by their passion for off-roading began to shift towards a new style of outdoor adventure; overlanding. The Overlanding community, still fairly new within the Midwest and at times difficult to find information about; so after some extensive planning, and some convincing of the wives Levi and Brian founded The Overland Essentials early 2019. The company’s goal is to focus on education, to increase basic knowledge to ease the decision making process for “Your” overlanding goals and adventures. To offer unbiased information to you, where the goal is to build a community rather than build sales numbers. So we would like to welcome you to The Overland Essentials family. As retired Army combat veterans, Levi and Brian have always had a drive for the outdoors and adventure. From deployments to Iraq, Egypt and other places their search for adventure led them to start The Overland Essentials in 2019. Their Overlanding journey began early 2016, noticing a gap between product reviews and vehicle necessities, Levi and Brian started The Overland Essentials to bridge that gap. Their goal was to create a community driven business that uses the products they sell. To offer real product reviews with unbiased benefit to any one particular brand. To start a company that focuses on family and the overlanding experience, rather than a profit driven business. The Overland Essentials is your one stop shop for product information, honest feedback and an unpressured buying experience. We don’t care how much money you spend with us, our goal is to help you build your overlanding dream.