ARB Safari Snorkel 18 – Current Wrangler JL, 2 & 4 Door 3.6L SNORKEL KIT

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Safari Snorkels

Snorkels are for more than just deep water crossings where they ensure water does not make its way through your airbox and into your engine while crossing rivers and unexpected floodways. The fitment of a well designed and constructed snorkel, just as importantly, protects your engine from dust while traveling along dry dirt roads. The fitment of a snorkel repositions the air-intake to a much higher and cleaner location greatly reducing the amount of dust passing through to your airbox and filter.

Utilising Safari‘s traditional design concepts and incorporating the very latest in scanning and CAD design software, Safari‘s VSPEC Snorkels are ready to perform in the most extreme environments.

Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, tested and verified on a custom flow bench to ensure the airflow meets or exceeds the factory inlet design. The Safari Snorkel offers the best air intake protection and performance for today’s 4wd vehicles. The Safari Snorkel (part no. SS1080HF) suits Jeep JL Wrangler, fitted with the 3.6L Pentastar Engine and 2.0L GME Hurricane Engine.


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